TEGO™ Card

Simple and Safe Blood Collection

Convenient, fast, and reliable. Good things do come in little packages.

TEGO™ was developed in close consultation with U.S. laboratories, veterinarians and livestock producers worldwide, and is designed to simplify and lower the risks associated with blood sampling.

    Product Usage
    Product Information

    Product Code

    A100919 TEGO™ Card 10/pack
    A100920 TEGO™ Card with Lancet 10/pack

    Packaging & Ordering

    Product Packaging

    A100919 TEGO™ 10/pack 1000/carton
    A100920 TEGO™ 10/pack 1000/carton

    Product Features
    • EASY TO APPLY blood samples to the card and immediately ship to the lab
    • SHIP UNREFRIGERATED through regular postal mail
    • COMPATIBLE with existing lab processes
    • TEST FOR GENETICS, such as defects, trait selection, parentage and animal ID
    • TEST FOR DISEASES such as BVD and PRRS
    • EFFICIENTLY STORE SAMPLES for years at room temperature without affecting DNA sample integrity
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